Since 1962 quality and reliability with passion.

Passion that you’ll find in any of our products, from timber dimension stock to furniture components, produced with craftsmanship and care, distinguished by the excellence that only four decades of experience can guarantee.

Our leadership comes from our roots, thanks to the experience of purchase, treatment, drying and processing of raw materials, for enduring quality.

The indisputable know-how, the attention given to customer needs plus great flexibility in logistics and stocking are further aspects that have always been a key point for us, an industrial reality proven over many years.


Qualità e sostenibilità certificate

Prodotto mediante lavorazioni all’avanguardia e impianti ad alto contenuto tecnologico, in un’ottica di costante
controllo della qualità, ogni pannello è il risultato della nostra lunga esperienza nella lavorazione del legno.